December 17th, 2016

ZRI: the Cellar Sessions

17th Dec / 10pm / Kings Place

For booking via the Kings Place website please click here.

Ben Harlan clarinet

Max Baillie violin

Matthew Sharp cello

Jon Banks accordion

Iris Pissaride santouri

ZRI’s Cellar Sessions is an after-show concert which transports the concert-goer into the heart of the Red Hedgehog Tavern where listening, hospital dancing and beer-drinking go hand in hand…

Following their complete Schubert Quintet concert at 7.30pm, this late night program in cabaret-style includes Brahms’ Hungarian Dances, songs by Mussorgsky, Mahler and Brel, Shostakovich Waltzes, surprise gems by Kreisler and Mozart, and of course a selection of the best traditional Klezmer tunes.

Feel free to drink, to holler, and to dance! Don’t miss this Tavern-style after-party!